Bring your gym to another level

We believe that your gym members can have unique experience in your awesome gym and achieve better results on your smart machines


We transform your regular gym machines into smart one



Mount sensors

We mount our sensors to your gym machines


Send data

Start tracking and sending obtained data to our applications


Show information

Show various information in our web application to user and gym owner



Autonomous workout tracking

STOP manual tracking for users, let user focus on workout instead.

Awarding user progress

Award user progress and motivate them to keep going

Insight in gym statistics

Track user growth, machine usage, daily visits and much more

Why our system

Mount to any machine/

Our solution is designed that can be fit to any gym machine with weights

Support provided/

We provide full support and upgrades for our software and hardware

/Easy to use

System is user friendly and it is designed to be easy to use with minimum user interaction

/No interference with machine

Our system will not interfere with machine and will provide same quality of training as before

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